Fresh Specials

The term fresh means actually fresh
Our next specialization is frontcooking. Our cooks are not ashamed of their work but are proud of it instead. That is why they prepare the meals before the eyes of the guests and often fulfill their wishes. For example, sushi can be done this way, as well as pasta bar, grilled or sliced meat, seafood made in many different styles, Asian dishes in wok, pancakes, and many others.

Drink packages
Our goal is the customer’s overview and certainty of the final price. We aim to offer, besides the precise amounts of meals for an exact price, even drink packages. You can put together your own drink package in compliance with the needs of the event and pay a given price for each person. Not more than that. So you always know the total price even before the event.

Eyes eat first
In the modern gastronomy world, the degustation menus are very trendy. One of our many specialties are so called Fingerfoods, which are miniatures, but full-valued meals served unconventionally on forks, spoons, toasts, glasses etc. All that is placed in a stand, which can be hanged in the space. Simply a great idea that makes the event somehow special.

Make your own dish
A fair amount of costumers are not fans of an austere menu with many different items but instead, prefer something not as rigid for their guests. And that is why we have many different meals in our portfolio that can be put together based on the current need. All that starts with a salad bar, delicacies, and end with fruits with various sauces.